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A small wiki dedicated to Let's Play Manager and its development.

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  • new page Obj player head
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    New page: Usage: Edit obj_player_head is an object that controls the player avatar. Variables: Edit obj_player_head.CurrentAction = eType.Idle, eType.Gaming,...
  • new page CreateButton
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    New page: Usage: Edit CreateButton(x,y,width,height,text,script,condition,delete_after_use) Returns: Edit The created button object. Example: Edit...
  • edit Let's Play Manager! Wiki
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  • edit AddPercentage
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  • new page CreateBox
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    New page: Usage: Edit CreateBox(width, height, title string, draw shadow?, close script) Returns: Edit The created box object. Example: Edit...
    Summary: Created
  • new page AddPercentage
    created by Letsplaymanager
    New page: AddPercetange(argument0, argument1) is a function for retrieving the specific percentage of a number.
    Summary: Added description
  • discussion page Welcome!
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